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Sep 8, 2022
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siro.tank.TI.N - cut your energy costs and safeguard the environment!

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It is not only in times of high energy prices that the warmth employed in hot water tanks should not dissipate unused into the atmosphere, but instead remain stored inside. It is precisely this goal that is achieved with NEVEON’s innovative siro.tank.TI.N thermal insulation.

The quality of a hot water tank depends largely upon its thermal insulation. If this is inadequate, unnecessary heat loss and subsequently high energy costs and CO2 emissions result. Fortunately, we from NEVEON have a solution for this problem and with our siro.tank.TI.N have established a new standard for the thermal insulation of hot water storage tanks. In fact, as opposed to conventional insulation consisting for example of polyester fibers, in the course of a service lifetime of fifteen years siro.tank.TI.N can save up to EUR 550 and 1,400 kg of CO2 equivalents.

Our siro.tank.TI.N insulation is made from polystyrene foam enriched with graphite nanoparticles that reflect heat rays. Moreover, as compared to other makes of insulation, a patented (legally protected) combination of individual material layers ensures excellent product properties and significantly lower heat depletion. In concrete terms, siro.tank.TI.N thus provides higher energy efficiency through a 30% cut in heat loss and therewith helps to bring down expenses and protect the environment.

Outstanding insulation. Simple installation.
Our siro.tank.TI.N thermal insulation for hot water tanks not only scores with its cost-saving and environment-friendly performance, as its installation is also perfectly straightforward and can be completed quickly and easily by two people. In addition, owing to the solidity of the material, siro.tank.TI.N insulation is insensitive to mechanical damage.

Top quality and environment-friendly design.
Our siro.tank.TI.N thermal insulation reduces the CO2 footprint of heating systems. Furthermore, as we at NEVEON pay special attention to responsible conduct during the manufacture of our products, we comply with the quality standards according to ISO 9001 (quality management) and ISO 14001 (environmental protection).

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