NEVEON foam.soft

Numerous sports and leisure products – including ski goggles, protectors and cycling shorts – benefit from the special properties of our foams. Our foam.soft products are soft, skin-friendly and resistant to make-up. They also dry quickly and are exceptionally air-permeable thanks to their very open cell structure. As a result, our foam.soft products are extremely versatile and enjoy widespread popularity in a variety of industries.

foam.soft L 46090

NEVEON foam.soft

Our foam.soft L 46090 product is the absolute star when it comes to ultimate comfort! It is perfect for ski goggles and sports helmets because it dries quickly and is exceptionally air-permeable. Whether on its own or in combination with the robust 55 kg ester foam (S 586) for a good hold, foam.soft L 46090 is setting industry standards!

It can be elegantly finished with fleece or fine velvet through viscose or polyamide flocking. And best of all, the flocking can be modified to suit specific needs and the required Pantone color.

Our broad range of foam.soft products is available as either rolls (width: 1,500 mm) or sheets or as specially finished variants with 55 kg ester foam. They can be custom-made with a flocked or fleece surface and embossed goggle parts, including logo and nose piece.

But foam.soft L 46090 is perfect not only ski goggles and sports helmets, but also for bras! Whether in sports or textile products, it offers that little bit of extra comfort. From cycling shorts to jet pants and from protectors to sports mats, our PUR foam makes all the difference when it comes to functionality and comfort!

Certified to: OEKO-TEX® STANDARD 100 product class 2/4

Foam.soft L 46090 applications