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Our laminable foam.laminate products not only meet strict emission standards but also boast outstanding workability and aging resistance. Their superior physical properties make them the ideal choice for applications in the automotive sector, where comfort and safety are paramount.


NEVEON foam.laminate Chameuse

Our foam.laminate ester- and ether-laminated foams are true all-rounders and can be found in a diverse range of applications – from the automotive industry, where they are used in seat cushions, headliners, door trims and headrests, to the construction industry, where foam.laminate is used as joint sealing tapes, as well as a variety of specialty applications such as air-conditioning systems.
Our reticulated rolls are impressive in size. Measuring up to 1.2 meters in diameter and 2.2 meters in width, they have a major impact on our customers’ lamination capability.

The foam.laminate products, which are manufactured at three of our European foaming shops, meet the very highest standards when it comes to emissions and aging resistance. At NEVEON, we give a very high priority to quality assurance in order to ensure that our products meet the expectations and needs of our customers. In addition to conventional, non-laminated rolls, we offer complex dry- and wet-bonding laminations comprising up to six layers. This broad selection means that our customers can find custom solutions that suit their individual needs and so benefit from our extensive expertise.

Certified to: ISO/TS 16949, ISO 14001, ISO 9001, ISO 50001

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NEVEON lamination Looper with foam

Looper with foam

NEVEON foam.laminate dry lamination system

Dry laminating system

NEVEON foam.laminate

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