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Achieving great things together

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Join us and help to shape the successful future of our international business. Put your ideas and your passion to work and immerse yourself in the exciting world of foam with us.

We are on the lookout for proactive and enthusiastic people who share our team spirit and think and act responsibly. Experienced professionals, those entering the job market for the first time, and people from other disciplines looking for a new challenge can all benefit from the extensive opportunities we offer for development and career growth.

We make the difference as a team. More than 3,600 bright minds are passionate about creating products that improve people's lives around the world. The NEVEON team is colorful - we love diversity. We are certain: diverse teams are superior. We accomplish together and are always happy to capture and discover the stories of our colleagues.

Employee Stories

Carolin Oldenbüttel, Director Commercial Excellence & Corporate Projects

Finding a good balance between family time and career is not always easy. Our colleague Carolin Oldenbüttel talks about her positive experience at NEVEON.

Hannes Kahr, Production manager Kremsmünster

Hannes Kahr started as a leasing worker and is now production manager at the Kremsmünster site. For him, character and determination are the focus. Watch his video to learn more about his success story.



Our One NEVEON Corporate Culture

A company's culture is more than just a concept on paper - it is the heart that shapes the way that employees work and interact with each other. At NEVEON, we do everything we can to bring this culture to life and integrate it into our daily operations.

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A positive Corporate Culture brings success

Corporate culture embodies our values, standards, attitudes, decisions, actions and conduct. In short, corporate culture personifies the manner is which we shape our working days and how we carry out our assignments. When people come together culture is omnipresent and we at NEVEON have decided to shape our culture proactively instead of passively allowing it to shape us.

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Corporate Culture: Ahead with full passion

Our company culture, more than anything else, influences the way we think and feel. Our goal is for the spirit and energy to be tangible in every email, every conversation and every decision. To bring all colleagues along on this great journey, we embed the concepts of our company culture deep within our organization. One important pillar is our Culture Facilitators, who take over the rollout at all locations after intensive training.

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NEVEON Headquarter Office Vienna/Wien Symbios Workspaces und Wildes Moos
NEVEON Office Vienna Icon Credit Bene GmbH
NEVEON employee
NEVEON Headquarter Office Vienna/Wien Symbios Workspaces und Wildes Moos
NEVEON Mitarbeiterin (employee) and block foam
NEVEON Headquarter Office Vienna/Wien Symbios Workspaces und Wildes Moos
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NEVEON Office - Icon Vienna