NEVEON material.composite

NEVEON composite foams are extremely versatile and indispensable materials in the worlds of sports, acoustics, automotive, comfort and construction technology as well as in the footwear industry and transportation sector. They are also used as packaging material and in plant cultivation. When conventional soft foams reach their limits in terms of hardness and density, that is where the properties of NEVEON’s composite foams come into play. And thanks to their high recycled material content, they also constitute an extremely sustainable and cost-effective solution. They ensure durability, strength, long-term elasticity and eco-friendliness. NEVEON composite foams are the ideal choice for custom solutions in a variety of applications.

Rebonded foam

NEVEON material.composite

Our rebonded foam, which is manufactured using post-industrial cutting residue from our foam processing plants, is a highly versatile material with a density of 50–750 kg/m³. This residue is ground down and reconstituted using a special binder to create different types depending on the raw density. We offer variants with and without flame retardant. The material not only fulfills strict requirements regarding flammability but is also ideal for applications in the automotive industry. In addition, our rebonded foam can be used as an elastic layer (see our kinea shock pads) and shock-absorbing support in combination with artificial turf and is ideal for use in sports hall floors, for landscaping, in deflector plates and as cores for sports mats. It can be used in ski boots, as impact sound insulation, for green roofs and as inserts for stable matting. We also offer a special variant: the electrically conductive rebonded foam, which is ideal for insoles in safety footwear.

One major unique selling point of our rebonded foam is the homogeneity and high quality of the material, which can also be cut extremely thinly – down to as little as 1 mm, depending on the density. In addition, our rebonded foam is low-emission and so also meets a range of environmental requirements. It is available as rectangular blocks, sheets or rolls and as blanks.

Rebonded foam applications in construction

Rebonded foam applications in sport

Rubber compound

NEVEON construction gum mat

Our rubber compound is a sustainable product made using recycled rubber granules obtained from old tires. These rubber granules are processed using a special binder to create a robust rubber composite material with a density of 700–1,000 kg/m³. This material is extremely versatile because it is available in different types with different densities and mechanical properties in either sheets or rolls.

Our rubber compound is a popular choice in the construction industry, especially for structural protection and load securing. Its high density and sturdiness make it ideal for these applications. And thanks to its exceptional damping and elasticity characteristics, it is also used as an elastic layer for indoor sports flooring and tennis court surfaces. This versatility makes our rubber compound a sustainable and efficient solution for a whole range of industrial applications.

Certified to: ETA (European Technical Assessment)

Rubber compound applications in construction

Rubber compound applications in sports


NEVEON acoustics rubber-cork

Our rubber–cork product is an innovative mix of tire and cork granulate, which is compounded using a special binder. This combination yields impressive densities of 500–600 kg/m³, which creates ideal properties for a variety of applications. Our range includes a range of highly effective variants, available in either sheets or rolls.

The potential uses for our rubber–cork product encompass a diverse range of applications – particularly door acoustics, where it ensures outstanding sound insulation . It can also be used as impact sound insulation, helping to create a pleasant acoustic environment. As a result, our rubber–cork products offer diverse multi-functional benefits for a variety of applications.

Certified to: ETA (European Technical Assessment)

Rubber–cork applications in construction

Composite Cork

NEVEON construction acoustic cork

Our composite cork is a sustainable and environmentally friendly product made from post-industrial cork granulate along with recycled cork granulate obtained from used bottle corks. This granulate is compounded using a binder to create new sheets and rolls with densities of 200–300 kg/m². Door manufacturers use our composite cork as insulating material in door cores to improve sound absorption. When used in doors, it also provides effective protection against fire by enhancing safety. It is used in the construction industry as impact sound insulation. For our customers, this product represents a more sustainable option than conventional systems. Available in either sheets or rolls, our composite cork can be easily adapted to suit different applications and projects in the construction and building materials industry.

Our composite cork is a resource-saving solution that not only promotes the recycling of cork granulate but also helps to reduce industrial waste. This environmentally aware approach makes our composite cork a highly attractive choice for sustainable construction projects, not to mention any other projects in which environmental responsibility is paramount.

Composite cork applications in construction