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We are NEVEON, a leading integrated foam group. We develop products that improve people’s lives around the world. As specialists in innovative and sustainable foam solutions, we strive to pursue new approaches and are passionate about delivering future-ready solutions. With the best ideas and products at our disposal, we are the driving force for sustainable innovation.

The Future of Foam

The cozy mattress, the noise-reducing acoustic component, the energy-saving insulation, the resistant sports equipment, the protective packaging or the ultra-light airplane seat: foams accompany us every day and make our lives more comfortable, safer, easier and more sustainable. At NEVEON, we have years of expertise in manufacturing and processing foams, and today we can justifiably claim: Wherever foams are the solution, we at NEVEON can provide it.

NEVEON was created in February 2021 by bundling forces of six different foam companies under one umbrella brand. NEVEON  is part of the Greiner Group of Companies - a leading global manufacturer of plastics and foams based in Austria.

Creating something that is unique

Business units

Our three business units are Living & Care (mattresses, upholstered furniture, and health care applications), Mobility (automotive, aviation, railway, and maritime), and Specialties (boiler insulation, acoustic solutions, filter foams, specialized packaging solutions, sports applications, and a variety of other specialty applications). These units offer polyurethane flexible and composite foams for virtually all industries and areas of application. All while providing top quality, sustainability, and customization.


It is by working as a team that we make a difference. Our workforce is made up of more than 3,600 smart minds, who relish working on products that improve the lives of people around the world. We bring together a colorful array of people and love diversity. After all, we are certain that diverse teams do better. Those who have a diverse mindset are able to identify similarities where differences exist and can do their part to make the world a better place.


We are at home all around the world. And with 57 locations in 17 countries, we have a local presence wherever our customers are based. Ten foaming lines across eight locations guarantee the quickest possible delivery times. We see this as an important priority, as we aim to inspire not only by delivering outstanding solutions, but also by providing custom-tailored and flexible support and advice – across the entire product life cycle.

NEVEON Headquarter Office Vienna/Wien Symbios Workspaces und Wildes Moos
NEVEON Team Hoodie
NEVEON Headquarter Office Vienna/Wien Symbios Workspaces und Wildes Moos
NEVEON Headquarter Office Vienna/Wien Symbios Workspaces und Wildes Moos
NEVEON Mitarbeiter Employee
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