Apr 24, 2023
Corporate Issues & Events


At NEVEON, we develop and produce standard and specialty foams in 300 different grades and process them into high-quality products for the comfort sector, the mobility sector, and a wide variety of special applications. As different as our foams and their areas of application are, they always have one common goal: they offer long-term added value, improve the energy balance in many contexts and make life more comfortable and safer. Yes, simply better!

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Mar 2, 2023
Products & Technologies

SIRO.TANK - our boiler insulations are small energy wonders

siro.tank: This is the name of our series of boiler insulations that help to save energy and resources in a previously unrealisable dimension by helping to keep the heat exactly where it should be. This helps to save costs, increase comfort and, on top but all the more important, reduces the impact on the environment.

Feb 6, 2023
Products & Technologies

kinea Safety Solutions and Wearables: Having fun safely on ski slopes

Winter is finally here and many of us long for the feeling of snow under our feet and the rush of the wind in our ears as we whizz down the ski slopes. But besides the fun that winter sports offer, safety should not be forgotten. That's exactly why our kinea product line is committed to supporting the joy of winter sports without neglecting safety.

NEVEON Carolin Oldenbüttel
Oct 13, 2022
People & Culture

Our Employee Stories

We make the difference as a team. More than 3,400 bright minds are passionate about creating products that improve people's lives around the world. The NEVEON team is colorful - we love diversity. We are certain: diverse teams are superior. We accomplish together and are always happy to capture and discover the stories of our colleagues.

Oct 10, 2022
Products & Technologies

kinea Shock Pads: fun and games with a green conscience

From hockey to rugby and football, kinea.turf shock pads underpin specific, sports-related properties such as excellent ball bounce, while simultaneously protecting athletes from injury and thus enhancing performance and playing enjoyment. Moreover, kinea shock pads not only score on the pitch! For in the version they are also employed as fall protection mats in children's playgrounds.

Sep 28, 2022
Sustainability & Social Engagement

Hello Again! Mattresses and their second life

On average, we spend a third of our lives in bed. A fact, that probably makes the mattress the furnishing item with which we have the most contact. However, after ten years at the latest, mattresses are worn out and have reached the end of their life. But what happens to old mattresses? What recycling options are there? What are the most sustainable alternatives for the environment? We provide the exciting answers!

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Sep 8, 2022
Products & Technologies

siro.tank.TI.N - cut your energy costs and safeguard the environment!

It is not only in times of high energy prices that the warmth employed in hot water tanks should not dissipate unused into the atmosphere, but instead remain stored inside. It is precisely this goal that is achieved with NEVEON’s innovative siro.tank.TI.N thermal insulation.

Aug 31, 2022
People & Culture

A positive Corporate Culture brings success

Corporate culture embodies our values, standards, attitudes, decisions, actions and conduct. In short, corporate culture personifies the manner is which we shape our working days and how we carry out our assignments. When people come together culture is omnipresent and we at NEVEON have decided to shape our culture proactively instead of passively allowing it to shape us.

NEVEON_foam production step 2
Aug 18, 2022
Products & Technologies

The magic circle in our colourful world of foam

NEVEON’s multiplicity of foam solutions is based on an incredibly wide range of differing foam types. These are manufactured daily in-house at our locations with foam production lines. Therefore, in order to discuss what actually happens during production and the everyday challenges that our foam masters face, we spoke to Wolfgang Santer from Technical Development & Services.

Aug 8, 2022
Sustainability & Social Engagement

NEVEON and Viva con Agua for safe drinking water supply in Malawi

Since 2021, NEVEON and Viva con Agua Austria have been jointly implementing the MALAWI WINS & CO project. The goal is to secure the drinking water supply for 22,000 people in rural Malawi. In May 2022, representatives of Viva con Agua visited selected schools and villages in the project area and then shared their report with us.

Aug 2, 2022
Products & Technologies

kinea shock pads: for greater protection, performance, and joy in sports

As is often the case in life, it's the inner values that count in sports, too: And that's where we set benchmarks in the sports industry.

Jul 25, 2022
Sustainability & Social Engagement

Driving circularity of mattresses and PU foams along the value chain

BASF and NEVEON are working together to further develop the recycling of mattresses. The aim is to establish a closed product cycle.