NEVEON Supplier Management


Our cooperation with suppliers and business partners is based on social, ecological and ethical principles.

Policies & Principles
for Suppliers & Partners

Social Principles

  • Respect for and protection of human rights
  • Promotion of equal opportunities and non-discrimination
  • Respect for freedom of association
  • Promotion of safety & health in the workplace
  • Fair remuneration policy & working hours

Ecological Principles

  • Responsible treatment of our environment
  • Ensuring energy & resource efficient operations
  • Avoiding waste and promoting recycling
  • Avoiding conflict materials
  • Registration of chemicals at the REACh authority
  • Ensuring product safety

Ethical Principles

  • Compliance with all applicable international, national and local laws and regulations
  • Compliance with all legal obligations to prevent money laundering
  • Comply with all laws governing the import and export of goods, services and information
  • Ensuring fair competition and compliance with applicable antitrust laws
  • Avoidance of conflicts of interest
  • Protection of Data Trade Secrets & Company Assets

Code of Coduct
for Suppliers and Partners

NEVEON Supply Chain

Responsible work is a joint project. Therefore, we as NEVEON expect our suppliers and business partners as well as their suppliers, business partners and employees to act dutifully and with foresight and to comply with this Code of Conduct.