NEVEON foam.sealing

In industrial environments, our foam.sealing products ensure tight sealing against gases, liquids and particulate matter. Our portfolio encompasses a range of ether- and ester-based foams with sealing and waterproofing properties in a compressed state – optionally combined with outstanding sound insulation. These high-quality foam.sealing industrial seals not only help to ensure effective insulation but also enhance working conditions and boost the efficiency of industrial processes.


NEVEON foam.sealing

Our high-quality foam.sealing PUR foams offer versatile application possibilities for modern sealing applications in various areas.

For air sealing purposes, our PUR foams can be used to seal the cooling element of a lithium battery, to seal air ducts in the dashboard, for internal sealing of HVAC units, for air dust sealing of loudspeakers and for dust and air sealing between the door panel and door body, among others.

When it comes to water sealing, we offer special PUR foams with reliable liquid sealing properties. These are suitable, for example, for water sealing between the hood and bodywork as well as for the interior sealing of HVAC units.

Our sealing PUR foams with sound-absorbing properties are ideal for noise insulation and sealing in various applications. For example, they can be used between the dashboard and windshield for optimal noise insulation. They are also used for noise insulation and water sealing between the cockpit and engine compartment, as well as for noise attenuation around HVAC units and for noise absorption and sealing at the interface of air ducts (HVAC unit and ducts).

We also offer special PUR gaskets with high air permeability for after-treatment processes. These are suitable for window and exterior seals, for example.

Our foam.sealing products are available in various shapes, designs and Pantone colors, including blocks, rolls and sheets. We also offer customized converted shapes to meet individual requirements.

Certified to: OEKO-TEX®, CertiPUR, ISO 9001, ISO 14001

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