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Building on
our expertise.
Mapping out
the Future.

As a global player with many years of experience, we cover almost all machining and processing technologies related to foam. We put our passion and experience to work as we develop outstanding solutions for every challenge, filling our customers with enthusiasm for our exciting world of foam.

the perfect partner
for all things foam

From producing standard and specialty foams through converting and finishing to putting together the final application, we are well equipped to provide the desired solutions to our customers. By utilizing decades worth of specialist knowledge and our highly advanced machinery, we can meet the specific market and customer requirements in terms of product design and functionality. The scalability of our processes allows us to navigate all our projects as an expert partner, from prototypes in the early stages through to mass production applications.

We produce high quality foams

NEVEON Explainer Schaumstoffproduktion

Wherever foams are the solution, we at NEVEON can provide it. The cozy mattress, the noise-reducing acoustic component, the energy-saving insulation, the resistant sports equipment, the protective packaging or the ultra-light airplane seat: foams accompany us every day and make our lives more comfortable, safer, easier and more sustainable. 

Learn in our video, how we produce our foams.

Our core strengths

We consider fabricating and converting foams to be our core competencies. To this end, we offer a broad spectrum of mature technologies to process, machine, and finish our foams. In the first processing stage, we offer foam blocks for our customers to convert. But we are also happy to tailor custom foam solutions, that are precise down to the millimeter. These solutions range from flakes, sheets, and rolls through perfect-fit, made-to-order cut foams. We convert used foams into composite foams.

Foam production

  • Foam blocks
  • Molded foam  
  • Composite foam                        


  • Longitudinal splitting (roll)                                       
  • Horizontal and vertical cutting                                        
  • Compression cutting                                            
  • Contour cutting                                           
  • Reticulation                                     
  • Shape profiling                               
  • Water jet cutting
  • Milling  
  • Rotary and flatbed die cutting            


  • Adhesive bonding and lamination                               
  • Flocking                                          
  • Impregnation                                  
  • Friction and ultrasonic welding                                            
  • Hot stamping                                     
  • Thermoforming                               
  • Twilling                                        
  • Packaging 
  • PE lamination
  • Textile/artificial leather/natural leather cut and sew
  • Assembly processes for add-on parts in JIT and JIS concepts

We look forward to hearing from you

If foams are the solution, we are the right partner for you! Contact us.

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