Unlike conventional foams, filter foams come in different pore sizes that can be specially adapted to meet specific requirements. Our foam.filter products have an open cell structure and so are ideal for the filtering process in water and air. During the production of filter foam, the material undergoes a process known as “reticulation,” whereby the pores are filled with gas and then, through the targeted application of the same gas pressure, forced open in order to achieve the desired, homogeneous pore size. This ensures that our filter foam exhibits consistent permeability. The increased pore size means that we can ensure that the pores stay open. We offer ester- and ether-based variants, which undergo reticulation depending on the customer application.

foam.filter Ester

NEVEON Bulpren Filterschaum

Our standard foam.filter ester filter types are used primarily in ceramic and specialty applications. Thanks to a cell diameter in the 400–5,500 micron (8–90 PPI / pores per inch) range, our ester filters are ideal for coarse air filtration or air pre-filtration in the automotive industry and many other industrial applications as well as for air-conditioning systems, ventilation systems and specialty filter products.
Our C-type ester filters are designed for ceramic filter applications. They are used as substrates for metal processing, either as large filters for the aluminum industry or as small filters in iron and steel foundries. Both filter types have small cell diameters. Our ester filters also encompass a wide range of applications because they can undergo further machining and processing, such as cutting, milling, bonding, flame lamination or impregnation.

Certified to: OEKO-TEX®, CertiPUR, ISO 9001, ISO 14001

Foam.filter ester applications

foam.filter Ether

NEVEON foam.filter

Our standard foam.filter ether filter types are ideal for use in air and water systems as well as in specialty applications. Thanks to a cell diameter in the 600–4,500 micron (10–70 PPI / pores per inch) range, ether filters can be used for coarse air filtration and are ideal for mechanical and biological water and aquarium filtering processes. The ether polyol ensures that they remain stable in water. Our R-type ether filter with increased hardness and density is resistant to mechanical effects and ideal for biological filtering by means of microorganisms.
Our portfolio also features a range of reticulated ether foams such as the U type with an increased flame retardant content and our specialty types for outdoor furniture and applications in humid environments.

Foam.filter ether applications