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Specialized know-how for a wealth of applications 

The range of products offered by our Specialties Business Unit is as colorful as our world of foams. Wherever foams improve a product or an application thanks to our extensive product range, we constitute the perfect partner. Our products are based on foams (PUR, PE, PP, PS, melamine), vacuum panels, PES nonwovens, rubber, and cork. Various cutting technologies, compression processes and techniques such as forming, punching, profiling, reticulation, skinning or even laminating lend our foams the function and shape required by the customer. Our foams are available with a wide range of flame-retardant, antimicrobial, antistatic, electrically conductive and low-emission finishes.



At NEVEON, we offer a wide-ranging portfolio of insulation systems for hot water tanks, boilers and heat pumps, as well as shell surfaces and vacuum insulation panels for pre-foamed water tanks. Using our comprehensive technical know-how, we cater for individual customer requirements and as a special highlight, we offer insulation for Class A energy efficiency.

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Daniel Scherhammer
Product Manager Building & Construction
Hot water tanks

Our insulation for hot water tanks increases the energy efficiency of heating systems. For this purpose, NEVEON offers various materials and material combinations in order that all every customer requirement can be met.

Boiler insulation

NEVEON insulation raises the efficiency of heating boilers and thus makes a lasting contribution to the energy efficiency of the systems. Our products guarantee maximum safety and are naturally made of non-combustible mineral wool.

Heat pump insulation

Our heat pump insulation is both acoustically and thermally effective, and thus increases energy efficiency while reducing noise emissions. Various material combinations are used to guarantee maximum effectiveness and meet specific customer requirements.



In the sports and leisure sector, foams score points due to their diverse properties. NEVEON offers a comprehensive range of product solutions for sports facilities and athletes that extends from highly elastic and easy-to-install shock pads for sports floors, to artificial turf and playing surfaces, as well as pre-products for shoes, ski goggles, cycling shorts and helmets, and ready-to-install components for skiing slope protection.

Tony van Imschoot
Product Manager & IKAM Sports & Leisure Infrastructur
shock-absorbing shock pads
Sports flooring

Our durable, elastic and shock-absorbing shock pads, which are installed  between the substructure and artificial turf or under indoor sports floors, are used to protect athletes and increase playing comfort. From field hockey to rugby and soccer, excellent ball bounce and the absorption of disruptive ground vibrations enhance performance and game enjoyment.


The  various applications of our piste stars provide increased safety in moutainous terrain. The product range, which offers the  special feature of the suitability for winter temperatures, extends from padding for ski lift supports to figures and seating for children's ski courses.

Man with ski goggles

Our particularly soft foams with flocked surfaces have a delightfully velvety touch. Above all, it is this special property that makes them particularly suitable for use close to the body, e.g. as ski goggle overlays.



Foams are the ideal answer whenever noise and unpleasant sounds need to be reduced.  Owing to their excellent absorption values, our silencing solutions impress and contribute to a more pleasant atmosphere at home, in the office, in the production hall, or even the swimming pool.

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Stefan Grasser
Sales Manager Mobility & Specialties DACH
Industrial acoustics

Our innovative product solutions are used in ventilation systems and machinery, as well as  special and agricultural vehicles in which, for example, they seal off the driver's cab from the engine compartment. For rail vehicles, we offer absorption mats that comply with fire protection standards.

Cube acoustic cube
Room acoustics

Our acoustic sails made from melamine resin foam offer excellent absorption values and create a pleasant room atmosphere. Acoustic absorbers are ideal for retrofitting in existing rooms in order to optimize the sound environment. They are available in modern designs and numerous shapes and we also print on acoustic pictures with individual motifs.

Impact sound insulation

Our rubber-cork granulate mats significantly reduce footfall and structure-borne sound transmission under screeds and floor coverings. Their high levels of   effectiveness are evidenced by  excellent measurement values.  The NEVEON impact sound insulation range is available in both standard and customized versions.

.filtration & .sealing

Due to their manipulated cell structures, NEVEON filter and sealing foams separate gases, liquids and solids reliably and safely. NEVEON .filtration & .sealing solutions clean air and water and also provide flawless performance  in industrial processes.

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Ruediger Walter
Group Manager Business Development Technical Foam
Liquid & gas filtration

Our foams for the filtration of liquids and gases have controlled cell sizes and are thermally reticulated. This enables them to cover a range of filtration levels.

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Filter foams as a substrate

Our reticulated filter foams serve as a substrate for ceramic and metallized filters.

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Industrial seals

NEVEON offers a wide range of materials for reliable sealing against gases, liquids and solids in industrial environments. At the same time, the seals also contribute to noise reduction.



Rubber, cork and foams are ideal for absorbing noise and vibrations. Hence the fact that they offer convincing performance when used in a wide variety of applications that ranges from footfall insulation, building protection and insulation to rail insulation, load securing and special areas such as cow stall mats.

Johannes Dickgiesser
Product Manager & IKAM Construction and Antislip
Impact sound insulation & vibration insulation

Our rubber-cork granulate mats reduce significantly  footfall sound and structure-borne sound transmission under screeds and floor coverings. We offer our range in both standard designs and customized solutions. Our vibration insulation protects against shocks and impacts.

Building protection mats

NEVEON construction protection mats are used as a protective layer to cover the  waterproofing on buildings and flat roofs. They thus reliably safeguard the building against water penetration.

Special applications

NEVEON foams can be used in a wide variety of applications. For example, we offer special solutions for cowsheds. Our stall mats increase the lying comfort of the cows and thus their milk output. In addition, our products can also be employed as vegetation mats in greenhouses and green roofs.



There are no limits to the number of applications for our foams. We possess vast experience in a range of industries and take pride in developing perfect product solutions in teamwork with our customers. Our portfolio includes a variety of foams for polishing wheels, ink rollers, stamps, sponges of all kinds and use in clothing and footwear.

Witek Jazwierski
Industry Group Manager Industry & Consumer Goods
Surface treatment

Whether for polishing wheels, polishing boards or paint rollers, our polyether and polyester foams offer specific physical properties and are geared to specific customer requirements such as extremely high tear resistance or compression hardness. Our foams ensure that all types of surfaces always look perfect.

Clothing & Shoes

The areas of application for our NEVEON foams are diverse and in this sector range from shoulder and ankle pads, shoe and bra inserts to protectors. Moreover, irrespective of whether the focus is on  optimum air permeability or perfect climate management, we at NEVEON have the ideal solution.


NEVEON offers foams in a wide range of colors and  designs for the household and bathrooms. On the one hand, our high-quality products imitate natural sponges with an irregular cell structure and on the other, we produce industrial sponges with special properties.



As a long-term partner to the automotive, medical and electronics industries, we provide our customers with competent support in the areas of packaging and logistics. NEVEON offers complete packaging solutions   from development to series delivery on a one-stop store basis, which stand out owing to their carefully conceived design and functionality. Moreover, for NEVEON, service and advice in every project phase are a matter of course. Our customers thus benefit from our extensive know-how during every phase of the product life cycle. 

Heiko Brenscheidt
Sales Manager Packaging
Reusable packaging

Our sophisticated reusable packaging concepts focus upon the entire supply chain. They provide reliable product protection and are optimized for the transport of goods between suppliers and manufacturing plants or OEMs. In addition, sophisticated design minimizes space requirements and thus helps to reduce storage and logistics costs.

Disposable packaging

Our carefully conceived disposable packaging concepts represent a cost-effective and safe way to protect sensitive and high-quality products. When developing our packaging, we always have the entire value chain in mind and thus help our customers to save both storage and logistics costs.

Case solutions

NEVEON case solutions and equipment are manufactured individually  according to customer requirements and ensure that goods traveling from A to B are reliably and safely protected.