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Sustainable lightweight. Lasting comfort. Our new foam.hybrid eNdura foam.

As a leading manufacturer of standard and specialty foams in more than 300 different quality grades, we offer a wide range of products designed to meet comfort and transportation needs as well as all kinds of specialist applications. We focus on custom foam solutions that meet the needs of our customers and offer added value. At the first processing stage, we offer foam blocks for downstream processing by customers. We also offer custom preparation services encompassing everything from flakes, sheets and rolls through to made-to-order foam blanks specially cut with incredible precision. Not only that, but we also manufacture composite foams made from post-industrial cutting residue. NEVEON stands for quality, innovation and environmental responsibility.

NEVEON foam.classic


Above all, our standard foams are characterized by good air permeability and a regular cell structure with small pores. They can be used universally and are available in various densities and compression hardnesses.

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NEVEON foam.comfort


We offer a wide range of permanently elastic materials, the three-dimensional cell structure of which, is modeled on a honeycomb and thus ensures perfect point elasticity and maximum air permeability.

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NEVEON foam.protect


These foams offer special protection. Our flame-retardant types furnish maximum comfort and meet the BS 5852 Crib 5 fire standard. Our range also includes electrically conductive and antistatic foams.

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NEVEON foam.memory


Our open-cell foams display their temperature-sensitive properties when exposed to body heat. They adapt to the shapes of the human body while relieving pressure and therewith promote better blood circulation.

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NEVEON foam.hybrid


With these unique foams, we combine the properties of different materials to achieve new levels of functionality, which range from cooling effects to moisture management and extended durability. In fact imagination in this regard can be virtually boundless.

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Our foam.sensitive foams have been developed for use in hospitals. The antibacterial additives integrated into the foam remove the basis for bacterial existence, which makes the foams particularly suitable for allergy sufferers.

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NEVEON foam.light


Our thermoformable lightweight foams are self-supporting and acoustically highly efficient. They are used primarily by the automotive industry, where  their low density is a major advantage.

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NEVEON foam.soft


These soft foams with a velvety surface are skin-friendly and makeup-resistant. Among others, they are used by manufacturers of ski goggles and in the clothing and sports industries.

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NEVEON foam.laminate


Our laminable foams achieve low emission standards. They provide excellent surface finishes and are employed as headliners, in trim, and seats.

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NEVEON foam.multicell


An irregular, multicell structure improves hydrophilic properties and results in high mechanical performance and long durability. These foams are used for sponges and polishing wheels.

Applications foam.multicell

NEVEON foam.filter


NEVEON produces foams with a defined, open cell structure for the filtration of gases, liquids and solids,. We offer ester and ether-based types, which are reticulated to suit individual applications.

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NEVEON foam.sealing


Our portfolio includes various ether and ester-based foams with sealing and waterproofing properties in a compressed state. As an option these features can be combined with excellent sound insulation properties.

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NEVEON material.composite


Our composite foams and rubber-cork mats, which are made from recycled materials, provide enhanced product benefits in a variety of applications. For example, as footfall sound insulation or as sports shock pads.

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80% repolyol foam – 100% comfort

NEVEON Repolyol mattress

Milestone in the recycling of end-of-life mattresses: NEVEON has succeeded in producing high-quality foam blocks with a recycled polyol content of 80 percent and turning them into fully fledged mattressesOld mattresses become new high-quality mattresses.

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