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What we
stand for

Our purpose

Rethinking Foam. Making Life Better. That is our Purpose that defines our fundamental orientation. It is firmly anchored in us and gives us orientation and meaning along the following three dimensions: Economy, Ecology and Social.


As an integrated foam company, we deliver high-performance along the entire value chain. We generate growth for the benefit of our customers, employees, and shareholders. Financially strong and innovative, we actively drive our technological leadership forward and develop products that provide value added for our customers and improve lives worldwide.


The NEVEON Impact Strategy is our strategy for a better future. It is based on the Greiner AG Blue Plan and organized into three interconnected pillars: OUR PLANET, OUR PEOPLE, and OUR RESPONSIBILITY. For each of these pillars we have defined a vision for success and set measurable goals. In this way, we ensure to contribute concretely and as effectively as possible to a solidary and healthy future. 


Open-minded and appreciative cooperation founded on equality forms the basis of our activities and ensures a team characterized by high performance and positivity. We delight in diversity and regard it and inclusion as enriching. At the same time, we learn from mistakes, promote growth, and offer constructive feedback. Because, quite simply, our goals can only be achieved through shared commitment.

Rethinking Foam.

At NEVEON, we're not afraid to challenge the status-quo when it comes to improving our products and services. We have numerous examples of how we drive innovation. Always with an eye on responsible action and the maxim of leaving a healthy and livable environment for present and future generations. For example, we have developed highly flame-retardant graphite foams that do not contain melamine or halogen-containing additives, and which, among many other advantages, are also lighter, resulting in an improved environmental footprint. We have successfully turned recycled polyols back into high-quality new foams, helping to close the loop on mattresses. We also use sustainably certified renewable raw materials and sustainably certified recycled materials in the value chain, thus conserving valuable finite resources. And we are also experimenting with 3D printing of foams. All of these are just a few examples of how we bring our corporate purpose to life.

Making Life Better.

We all use foam every day and enjoy its benefits 24/7. When we wake up rested in our bed in the morning, we owe a restful night to comfortable foam mattresses. At the breakfast table, foams provide comfortable seating, and on the way to work, we owe them a comfortable travel experience on public transportation or in our car. In the engine compartment or our car, effective acoustic encapsulations reduce harmful noise, and in the office acoustic components contribute to a pleasant indoor climate. When we play sports after work, foams make the game more comfortable while protecting us from injury. And when we return home afterwards and find our heating bill in the mailbox, we can rejoice that the recently installed boiler insulation helps keep energy costs in check while protecting the environment. And these are just a few examples that show our lives would be pretty uncomfortable without foam.


“We are the world’s leading integrated foam company. Our unique status is defined by our technologies, our manufacturing footprint, our commitment to sustainability and our capacity to fulfill the most complex demands. We are passionate about providing a superior customer experience through innovative solutions for the challenges of tomorrow.”

Our Values

We are aware of our responsibility as a global group of companies. Everything we do, is based upon our values of openness, appreciation, reliability, and striving for excellence. These values make us, as a company, calculable for our employees but for our environment as well and affirm the joint identity of the group of companies.



  • We think and act across divisions.
  • We provide and accept feedback.
  • We are prepared to try new things as well.


  • We promote diversity of opinion.
  • We bring divergent cultures together.
  • We treat each other with respect.


  • We act consistently and rationally.
  • We identify ourselves closely with the Greiner Group and act on its behalf.
  • We do business in a socially, ecologically, and economically sustainable manner.


  • We are ambitious and learn from our differences.
  • We assume responsibility for our actions.
  • We take pleasure in success.
  • We are among the best in our business.