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May 13, 2024
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Components for indoor sports floors-
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Sports floors are a crucial component of sports halls, fitness studios and other indoor sports facilities. They not only have to meet sporting requirements, but also ensure the safety and comfort of users. We at NEVEON, a leading manufacturer of sports flooring components, have taken up this challenge and developed a new product: a fire protection-optimized foam for use in indoor sports floors.

Fire protection optimization for more safety

This NEVEON foam has been specially developed to meet strict fire safety requirements. In indoor sports facilities that are frequented by many people, fire protection is of the utmost importance. In the event of a fire breaking out, the fire protection-optimized foam slows down the spread of flames and minimizes smoke development. This helps to ensure the safety of athletes and visitors and facilitates evacuation in the event of an emergency.

Shock absorption and joint protection

Our foam not only provides fire protection, but also excellent shock absorption and cushioning. Intense sporting activities put a lot of strain on joints. The foam absorbs shocks and reduces stress on the joints, resulting in a lower risk of injury. Athletes can rely on optimum performance and comfort. In addition, shock absorption promotes floor longevity by minimizing the impact of bounces and landings on the surface.

Health and comfort

A high-quality indoor sports floor not only influences athletic performance, but also the general well-being of athletes. NEVEON's foam components ensure that the sports floor has a pleasant surface that increases comfort during training. By reducing the pressure load on the joints, fatigue and the risk of injury are minimized. Athletes can concentrate on training without having to worry about uncomfortable floor conditions.

Versatile range and customized solutions

We offer a wide range of foams for different system combinations. From lighter 60 kg foams to denser 400 kg foams - there is something for every need. Customers can choose between foam-coated rolls and sheets, depending on the specific requirements of their sports floors. NEVEON also manufactures customized special products to meet individual requirements. Whether additional insulation, quick installation or special seals - NEVEON offers solutions for every customer requirement.

Our fire protection-optimized foam is a significant advance in the field of indoor sports flooring components. It combines fire protection, shock absorption and comfort in one product and offers athletes and visitors a safe and pleasant training environment. 


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