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Nov 24, 2023
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25 years NEVEON Romania!


On November 24, 2023, NEVEON Romania will celebrate its 25th anniversary - a quarter of a century of innovation, growth and outstanding achievements. Since 1998, the plant in Sibiu has been an important part of the NEVEON family and has developed into a major site for the production of block and roll goods as well as technical foams.

Technological masterpiece in Sibiu

One of the outstanding features of our plant in Sibiu is the production and storage of 60-meter-long block foams. Some of these foams are sold directly on site and the others are sent to local cutting workshops and even to Bulgaria, where the blocks are then processed and shipped. This logistics service helps to make NEVEON products available in different regions and demonstrates the efficiency of the production chain.

Innovation and growth

In recent years, the Sibiu team has made significant progress, particularly through the reticulation of foams and the continuous development of the technical foam portfolio. More than 25 new foams have already been developed here, which were previously purchased externally. This is a central component of NEVEON's strategy, which aims to further develop the production of technical foams and increase capacity in Sibiu in the coming years. Expansion into new markets will play a key role in this.

"We will be a 'lean mega plant' that will focus highly successfully on the production of block and roll goods for Living & Care and Mobility & Specialties. By making technical adjustments to the current set-up, we will become even better and continue to grow successfully," explains Lambert Reudink, General Manager South East Europe, Living & Care SEE, who underlines the visionary orientation of the plant and has been working for NEVEON in Romania for 23 years.


1997: First investments in Romania; start of construction of cutting workshops in Craiova and Sibiu

1999 - 2004: Opening of another 4 locations


  • Start of the complete integration of Eurofoam Bulgaria
  • Start of the master plan investment: installation of long block hall and 2nd cutting line

2016 - 2019: Expansion work at the Sibiu plan

Team in Focus

Veta Oprea Stock keeper in Sibiu, there from the start: "The NEVEON team here feels like my second family to me. Maybe that's because we're all really working towards the same goal. That binds us together and drives us even further. Otherwise it would have been impossible to work together for so long.”

Delia Dorina Essigmann Head of Accounting, started 22 years ago in Sibiu: "I feel honored to be part of NEVEON's success story. I appreciate the trust and loyalty of the team. And I look forward to many more years at NEVEON."

Violeta Marcela Moleavin, Head of Warehouse joined NEVEON for the first time in 1997: "My big birthday wish for NEVEON is to be strong enough to support the growth we are experiencing in Sibiu. May we continue to innovate, grow and exceed expectations in the industry."

Gabriel Vanta Head of Maintenance in Sibiu, started 25 years ago: “In all these 25 special years, I have met so many extraordinary, great colleagues who together form such a strong team. Being part of such a great group motivates me.”

Gianina Vanta, who started in Customer Service in Sibiu 25 years ago: "We are flexible, we have a lot of positive energy and, most importantly, we like our work. And we have started to encourage and support each other in difficult times. So, we enjoy what we do and work side by side with our colleagues. For us, that means being part of a team!"

These words reflect the shared enthusiasm and commitment that makes the NEVEON plant in Sibiu an outstanding place. Happy 25th birthday, NEVEON Romania, and here's to the next 25 years. May they be full of innovation and crowned with success!

Birthday Video

Happy 25th Birthday, NEVEON Romania!