Positioning aids

kirea positioning

Our kirea positioning aids supplement our .care range and help to keep parts of the body either stable of stationary.

Our three different liquid-tight, liquid-repellent and antistatic skin types are used for our wide range of positioning aids in hospitals or therapy.

Product overview

Sitz- und Rollstuhlkissen
kirea seat and wheelchair cushion

Our kirea seat and wheelchair cushion supports a correct body posture, thereby easing the strain on muscles, ligaments, bones and joints and protecting internal organs.

Both breathing and lung function are improved and manual propulsion of the wheelchair is also less strenuous. Moreover, the gravitational forces that cause constant sliding and hence a sacral sitting position, are reduced thus preventing pressure sores.

kirea head-, leg- and arm splints

The polyurethane-coated (PU-med), highly elastic, fluid-repellent and breathable head forms are also suitable for allergy sufferers and are used to support, position or hold patients. Our leg and arm splints are either polyurethane coated (PU-med) or have a polyurethane hygiene cover. They are employed to support or fix extremities.

kirea transverse bed-chair

Our breathable, germ- and fluid-proof kirea transverse bed chair, which is also suitable for allergy sufferers, is made of very light, stable polyurethane foam with a hygiene cover and is used for mobilization and stabilization, as well as the support of patients in bed.