foams for a
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At NEVEON, as leading producers of 300 different grades of standard and specialty foams as well as products made from them for the comfort segment, the mobility sector, and a limitless variety of specialty applications, we take our social and environmental responsibilities seriously. As a result, designing sustainable products, establishing a circular economy, reducing emissions, and supporting a healthy organizational culture are at the heart of the standards we practice in our business and central to our 2028 company strategy.

We are committed to drive the sustainability transition in the foam industry. We’re building foam for a better planet, for a better life, for the future!

Foam in Service for Impact
Our strategy for the world of tomorrow

At NEVEON, we believe that developing sustainable products calls for creative thinking along the value chain and an ability to see the bigger picture. That is why we are committed to pursuing multiple approaches that consider every angle so that we can contribute toward a healthy future that offers a good quality of life. Our sustainability strategy is based on the Blue Plan set out by our parent company, Greiner AG. It is divided into three interconnected pillars: OUR PLANET, OUR PEOPLE, and OUR RESPONSIBILITY. For each of these pillars, we have defined a vision of success and set measurable targets. This is how we ensure that we contribute as concretely and effectively as possible to a solid and healthy future


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Circular Economy

With the aim of becoming a fully circular business, we are taking a holistic approach to the topic. It starts with sustainable product design and the commitment to develop resource-efficient, durable, and recyclable products. The next focus is on preventing waste and converting our own production offcuts back into valuable composite foam products. And it culminates with the collaborative development of new, innovative recycling processes.

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Resource Efficiency

We see the use of alternative, nonfossil raw materials as a major source of potential. At the same time, intelligent production planning also helps us to conserve resources, because we design our products to prevent waste. Rather than throwing away production offcuts, we convert them into valuable composite foam products.

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Combating Climate Change

The need to protect our climate is one of the greatest challenges of our time. At NEVEON, we have set ourselves the target of becoming climate neutral by 2030 (Scope 1 and Scope 2 emissions). We have set our sights on achieving net zero no later than 2040. In addition to reducing our absolute energy consumption and committing to electrification, which will see us shift away from gas, we aim to source 100% of our power from green electricity by 2023 – in part, by using photovoltaic systems at our plants.

Our Commitment

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Reduce scope 1&2 emissions by 40% by 2025 and commit to be climate neutral (scope 1&2) by 2030. Become net carbon zero across all three scopes by the latest in 2040.

Source 100% renewable energy to power our own operations by the latest in 2030.

Use energy more efficiently and reduce absolute energy consumption by 30% by 2025.

Maximize the reuse of finite resources across our operations, products, and supply chains by 2025 and beyond.



At NEVEON, we embrace diversity and understand diversity and inclusion as enrichment. In doing so, we are committed to open, respectful cooperation and equality in the workplace. For example, we aim to increase the proportion of women among our managers to 40% by 2030.


A safe, positive, and healthy environment is important to us. Internally, we ensure this is in place by steadily nurturing our organizational culture. From the product perspective, our certified low-odor and low-emission foams guarantee a pleasant indoor environment. 

Social Responsibility

Even outside our core business, we try to make the world that little bit better. For example, we have been supporting the efforts of Viva con Agua and Welthungerhilfe to provide safe and sustainable supplies of drinking water in rural Malawi since 2021. We also provide aid to areas affected by war and disaster by donating materials (mattresses).

Our Commitment

Guarantee everyone the same opportunities no matter who they are or where they come from by the latest in 2025.

Be a diverse, global and inclusive workplace that attracts and develops the best talent.

Be the place where people come to develop and grow as leaders for the world.

Provide access to wellbeing tools for all our employees by 2023.


NEVEON Supplier Management

Supply Chain Responsibility

Acting with integrity isn’t limited to our internal operations – what happens upstream and downstream is equally important. We have laid down our principles and nonnegotiable minimum standards for cooperation along the value chain in our Code of Conduct. In addition, we hold our supply chain to account via EcoVadis and see sustainability assessment as an effective way of ensuring that our suppliers and partners meet the high standards we have set for ourselves.

Certified Quality

Our numerous certifications prove that the highest standards are met by our plants and the products and solutions they manufacture.

More about our certifications


Sustainable activity is one of the five core topics addressed by our NEVEON 2028 Company Strategy. Innovation decisions and product developments at NEVEON always have sustainability in mind. And our approach to risk management is holistic, too, with environmental risks also taken into account.

Our Commitment

Our purpose "Rethinking Foam. Making Life Better." gives us orientation and meaning along the following three dimensions: Economy, Ecology and Social.

Reflect and continuously refine our responsibilities in our code of conduct with employees, suppliers and partners.

We established a sustainability steering committee, and our leadership team commits time regularly to focus on sustainability.

Assess financial implications and other risks and opportunities by 2023. Ensure reduction of these risks by the latest in 2025.

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