Side rail guard for hospital bed

kirea accessoires

Our kirea accessories supplement our .care range

As a foam manufacturer, we can select from an extremely wide choice of foams, which ensures that each kirea accessory is tailor-made for its specific application.

Product overview

kirea hygiene covers and evacuation sheets

Our kirea hygiene covers are breathable, liquid-tight and germ-proof. As a result, they reliably and safely protect patients from bacteria, viruses and fungi. At the same time, the highly elastic covers increase lying comfort. We also offer special non-slip and anti-static covers for special applications such as X-ray, CT or MR.

kirea side rail protectors

Our kirea side rail protectors reduce the risk of injury by providing safe and reliable prophylaxis against the danger of impacts or threading. They can be used in hospitals, nursing and retirement homes, or for home care. 

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kirea fall mats

Our two- or three-part kirea fall mats are non-slip on the underside and thus provide reliable protection against accidents. On the upper side, our high-quality fall mats are germ- and liquid-proof and highly elastic.