Foam in Service for Impact -
our strategy for a healthy future!

22.2.2022 marks another milestone at NEVEON: we publish our impact strategy "Foam in Service for Impact". This is based on the Greiner AG Blue Pan and shows how we meet our social and ecological obligations and with which concrete, measurable goals we make our contribution to a healthy future.

At NEVEON, we take our ecological and social responsibility seriously. Sustainable product design, the establishment of a circular economy, the reduction of emissions and a healthy corporate culture are therefore elementary and lived corporate standards.

Ambitious goals. Three pillars

We are convinced that great entrepreneurial activity also entails great responsibility. This is one of the reasons why we have stepped on the gas in terms of sustainability since our founding in February 2021. We have established internal structures and developed our NEVEON Impact Strategy on the basis of the Greiner AG Blue Plan and the ESG-criteria. We have placed this under the motto "Foam in Service for Impact" and divided it into three interconnected pillars: OUR PLANET, OUR PEOPLE and OUR RESPONSIBILITY. For each of these pillars, we have defined a vision for success and set measurable goals. In this way, we ensure to contribute as concretely and effectively as possible to a more solidary, better global community.

Holistic view 

Like our parent company, we think of sustainability holistically: we have the entire value chain and all stakeholders in mind. "We want to be an industry pioneer and have measures in the pipeline that are substantially different from the sustainability activities of our competitors," says our CEO Oliver Bruns happily. At the same time, we know that we have not yet found an answer to all questions. Rather, we see responsible business as a process in which we challenge the status quo of the industry, break new ground and continuously improve. We see the transformation toward a healthier future as an opportunity – not only for society and the environment, but also for us as a company.

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