Ideal for the thermoforming process - quality that sets standards

NEVEON foam.light foams have been specially developed for the thermoforming process and are available in the form of precisely cut sheets. Thanks to their low density and high compression hardness, our foams are particularly suitable for use in self-supporting components. Despite their low density, our foams have exceptionally good acoustic and thermal properties and are therefore particularly suitable for use in the engine compartment or on gearboxes in the immediate vicinity of the heat source.

Product overview

Lightweight foam absorber

Lightweight foam absorbers absorb airborne sound in engine compartments and transmission tunnels thanks to NEVEON's highly efficient PU foam. The complexity of the absorbers derives from the  functional interaction between the lightweight construction, strength and acoustics made possible by our foams. Stamped parts made from foams from our product portfolio are used for sealing aggregates and as fillers for cavity linings in framework parts.

Acoustic encapsulations

Acoustic encapsulations made from NEVEON PU lightweight foam reduce noise wherever it occurs while also saving fuel through improved thermal management. This near-engine solution for the acoustic encapsulation of combustion engines and electric motors, as well as transmissions, is based on a thermoformed sandwich construction in which our NEVEON foam.light products make an essential contribution to insulating and absorbing noise. With the environment in mind, our foam is also available with biomass content according to the biomass balance method.