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Upon this Wednesday’s announcement of changes to the management of NEVEON, Greiner’s foam group, Axel Kühner (the CEO of Greiner AG, NEVEON’s parent company) stated that, “We have thus taken important decisions for the future.”

In fact, Jürgen Kleinrath (49) actually assumed the sole management of NEVEON on 1 July 2022, having previously acted as NEVEON’s Chief Commercial Officer. In this capacity, together with the Greiner AG CEO, Axel Kühner, for the past three months he served as an interim co-CEO in a dual management role, which was instituted in mid-March this year after the post of NEVEON CEO became vacant. On 30 June 2022, Axel Kühner withdrew from operative business and Jürgen Kleinrath was appointed as NEVEON’s single CEO.          

Jürgen Kleinrath (49) has an EMBA degree from the Donau-Universität Krems in Austria and disposes over a wealth of experience in a diversity of industries, that extends from energy to paper and foam, and also includes coating, packaging and printing inks. Greiner CEO, Axel Kühner, “Jürgen Kleinrath is an outstanding individual and a fantastic manager. And as the former CEO of Eurofoam, he also knows NEVEON’s foam business better than almost anyone. All of this has convinced me that Jürgen Kleinrath is the right person to develop NEVEON into a world-leading integrated foam company.” Jürgen Kleinrath is also clearly delighted by his appointment, “The nomination as the NEVEON CEO undoubtedly represents a milestone in my life and fills me with both pride and gratitude. At the same time, I am conscious of the fact that this new assignment also represents a major responsibility. Therefore, I wish to express my thanks for the trust placed in me and offer an assurance that I will constantly employ all of my energies and passion for the success of our company.”            

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