Sustainable comfort: foam.hybrid eNdura - lightweight and

  • Production process generates around 70% fewer emissions than that of conventional HR foam cores with a comparable lifespan
  • 30% sustainably certified renewable raw materials (mass balance raw materials) according to REDcert2 
  • Outstanding durability and dimensional stability, even with intensive and prolonged use
  • Equalizing pressure distribution, breathable sleeping environment, and excellent humidity and heat regulation guarantee maximum comfort in every sleeping position

Vienna, January 9, 2024. Foam specialist NEVEON produces standard and specialized foams in over 300 different quality grades and processes them to create innovative solutions for your everyday comfort and transportation needs as well as for a range of specialty applications. NEVEON now proudly presents the most recent addition to its foam family, foam.hybrid eNdura. Not only does this innovative foam deliver maximum living and sleeping comfort, but it also boasts exceptional durability and an unprecedentedly low carbon footprint.

Maximum sleeping and living comfort

The innovative foam.hybrid eNdura delivers outstanding performance and maximum comfort. Despite its light weight of just 38 kg/m3, it guarantees dimensional stability that is comparable with conventional high resilience foam (HR foam) weighing 52–70 kg/m3. This stability is maintained, even with intensive and prolonged use. Its excellent springiness ensures even pressure distribution in every sleeping position, relieves pressure on the intervertebral discs and thus improves sleep quality. The high level of air permeability also guarantees a breathable sleeping environment with exceptional humidity and heat regulation.

Sustainable lightweight with 30% mass balance raw materials

In keeping with its corporate strategy, NEVEON is sticking to its principle of sustainable product design. Its foam.hybrid eNdura is setting new industry standards, with approximately 70% fewer emissions (as of December 2023, subject to change) released during the production process compared with conventional HR foam cores with a comparable lifespan. “Firstly, when foam.hybrid eNdura is produced, we substitute a percentage of the fossil-fuel-based materials with biological raw materials early on in the value chain. The 30% sustainably certified renewable raw materials according to REDcert2 contained in foam.hybrid eNdura means that it helps to preserve fossil-fuel-based resources. Secondly, the innovative mix of raw materials used in the production of foam.hybrid eNdura reduces the quantity of the materials required to manufacture mattress cores to 15.4 kg – compared with the figure of 24.5 kg required to produce conventional HR foam cores,” explains Karl Keplinger, Product & International Key Account Manager Living & Care at NEVEON. So not only is the company conserving natural resources while maintaining consistently high quality. The foam’s unique lightweight property also means that customers require less effort to handle the end products, when turning and covering mattresses for example.

Certified quality

NEVEON’s foam.hybrid eNdura meets the very highest standards, as attested by its numerous certifications. Its innovative lightweight material is REDcert2-certified, LGA-schadstoffgeprüft for harmful substances and complies with the OEKO-TEX® STANDARD 100. The product also carries the CertiPURTM label and is certified to ISO 9001 and ISO 14001.

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