NEVEON locations

NEVEON foam (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.

Building 13/C2, No.260
Liancao Rd, Minhang District
201108 Shanghai

T: +86 21 6434 0300
F: +86 21 6434 5550

[email protected]

Shenyang Greiner Automotive Components Co. Ltd.

No. 118 Jianshe Road
Da Dong District
110122 Shenyang

T: +86 24 3139 8069

Tianjin Greiner Automotive Components Co, Ltd.

No. 2 Yunjing Road, Industrial Park
Wuqing District
301701 Tianjin


NEVEON is a leading global integrated foam group that offers outstanding polyurethane flexible and composite foams for a huge range of applications, from the comfort segment through the transportation sector to a limitless variety of specialty applications. As part of Greiner, NEVEON combines the expertise of Eurofoam, aerospace, MULTIfoam, Perfoam, PURTEC, and Unifoam in one single organization. With a network of 57 locations in 17 countries, NEVEON guarantees customer proximity, the quickest possible delivery times and highest levels of quality.


NEVEON 是全球领先的整合型泡沫材料集团,为包罗万象的应用领域提供卓越的聚氨酯软泡沫和复合泡沫——从舒适性、移动性领域直至截然不同的特殊应用。NEVEON 是格瑞纳旗下的事业部,将 Eurofoam、aerospace、MULTIfoam、Perfoam、PURTEC 和 Unifoam 的专业技能整合成一个强大的品牌。其经营网络中拥有 57 个驻地,遍布 17 个国家,保证泡沫材料专家贴近客户需求,提供最短的供货时间与最出色的品质。