Airplane seat with passenger

aira seat cushions

First-class comfort - even in economy

We offer customized seat cushions, backrests, headrests and leg rests  made of high-quality foams and covered with leather, fabric or imitation leather for all aircraft passenger classes. Our products are high-end with regard to comfort and weight and available in all standard processing variations.

Our foam portfolio naturally complies with all international standards in the aviation sector, while at the same time offering maximum passenger comfort. During processing, we employ modern molded and cut foam technologies. With our especially lightweight foams we also help to save fuel and thus make a contribution to sustainable flying.

Product overview

First Class

Our First Class cushions consist of several layers of exclusive comfort foams. Moreover, their outstanding ergonomic design provides perfect sitting and sleeping positions.

Business Class

In the Business Class, our seating offers ergonomic comfort  thanks to pleasantly soft surfaces, an enlarged seat cushion and integrated side bolsters.  

Premium Eco

Our Premium Eco products represent an excellent combination of well-balanced design and outstanding seating comfort, which emanates from an increase in cushion  volume.


Our Economy seat cushions are often made of less expensive molded foam, the firmness of which is adjusted to customer requirements. The robust cushions are perfect for complex seating shapes.