Seating comfort

Foam comfort for car seats

NEVEON produces a wide range of high-quality foam solutions for car seats, from flame-laminated foams to individually laminated and customized laminates. Our air-permeable foam components set standards in the premium seating segment by offering optimum ventilation and maximum seating comfort - the first-class processed components with their high functionality increase the luxury in the car interior.

Product overview

Topper for Car Seats

NEVEON manufactures custom-fit toppers, soft cushions and functional pads that can optionally be fitted with comfort and climate holes. These ensure a pleasant sitting position, a comfortable seating experience and provide permanently elastic upholstery. Our highly elastic foam toppers stretch the leather cover after the seat has been used and increase its durability.

Base for seat covers

NEVEON presents a wide range of foam supports for imitation leather and leather seat covers. These not only provide comfortable upholstery, but also serve as a support to prevent creases. The base material is ideal for the integration of 3D structures in topstitching to create an attractive and ergonomic seat design. We offer various options to achieve the perfect balance between comfort and aesthetics.

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Base for seat heating

The innovative base materials from NEVEON offer an ideal support for seat heaters in car seats. Thanks to their special properties, they allow the heat to be distributed evenly without the seat heating becoming noticeable. This allows to experience the comfort of heated seats without having to sacrifice a pleasant sitting experience. NEVEON offers high-quality materials to ensure optimum seating comfort.