NEVEON foam.laminate Rollen

Foam rolls

Innovative foam applications for the vehicle interior

In car interiors, NEVEON foams are used as rolls in headliners, side panels and headrests as well as in armrests. We rely on modern manufacturing processes to offer the highest standard of quality and the lowest possible level of emissions.

Product overview

crom Seat covers

NEVEON foams for seating applications are available as ester/ether versions with densities from 22 to 48 kg/m³. These guarantee first-class seating comfort with low emissions and outstanding ageing results. NEVEON's innovative materials stand for maximum comfort and long-lasting quality.

crom Headrest

NEVEON headrest foams are characterized by their functionality with sealing properties. Specially developed for headrest applications by using the pour-in-place process without the need for additional film, they offer optimum sealing and first-class results. NEVEON's innovative materials stand for highly functional solutions that combine comfort and efficiency.

crom Headliners

The NEVEON ester and ether foams used for this purpose are characterized by outstanding properties in terms of emissions, ageing and optical attributes. Specially designed for headliner applications, they offer first-class performance and aesthetic quality. NEVEON's innovative materials stand for sophisticated design and superior product features.

crom Door panels

The NEVEON ester and ether foams with increased density set new standards for a perfect haptic experience in the door and armrest area of a car. These special foams guarantee an outstanding touch and impress with their high-quality properties. NEVEON relies on innovative materials to offer comfort and quality at the highest level in the automotive sector.

Laminated rolls

NEVEON offers multi-layer laminations for all types of foam, which can be laminated using wet, dry or film processes. These different lamination processes ensure versatility and meet a wide range of requirements. NEVEON uses innovative processing techniques to provide high quality foam products for a wide range of industries.

Silent Tire

The roll material produced by NEVEON is used, among other things, as tailor-made strips in car tires, especially in so-called silent tires. Our foam strips contribute significantly to the effective noise reduction of tires. NEVEON relies on innovative materials to ensure maximum comfort and lasting reliability in the automotive industry.