Furniture Upholstery in the living room

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We offer a comprehensive range of high-quality, customized upholstery materials that meet the requirements of every individual client.

Our foams conform to the strict standards of the international furniture industry and are used in the production of upholstered furniture, corner benches, chairs and other furnishings.

Product overview

NEVEON Living Care sofa

Whether commodity or premium, our foams meet the extremely diverse requirements of all the market segments with consistent top quality and first class service during every project phases. At the same time, we pay close attention to sustainable and responsible production methods. For example, we use renewable or recycled raw materials and have a constant focus upon the special durability of our products.

NEVEON Living Care dining areas
Dining areas

Our products turn every meal into a celebration because our high-quality foams meet all the special requirements of flat upholstery and guarantee cozy seating comfort.

NEVEON Living Care cinema
Contract seating

NEVEON also offers the ideal products and first-rate service for industrial and commercial processors. In the contract seating area, we naturally meet international fire protection standards. NEVEON's top priority is to work in partnership with the specialized retailing and commercial agencies.

A comprehensive range of foam qualities

Individually configurable

Sustainable & 100 % pollutant-free