NEVEON Living Care topper

murea Toppers

Our high-quality mattress toppers provide an additional comfort layer on mattresses and thus enhance the lying and sleeping comfort of existing sleep systems.

murea toppers are manufactured individually according to customer requirements. Using state of the art technologies our specially developed foams for .bedding applications are processed and refined into made to measure products. As a result, no wish is left unfulfilled.

Product overview

NEVEON Living Care Topper
murea Mattress topper cores

Whether for a simple mattress cover or a function-made mattress topper, our murea topper cores are perfect for optimized bed comfort according to individual requirements and wishes. In fact, the processing of our top-quality foams with innovative technologies creates the optimal underlay for every requirement.

NEVEON Living Care topper rolled
murea Mattress toppers

Our murea mattress toppers are perfect for optimizing comfort in bed according to personal requirements and wishes. In combination with customized cover fabrics, as well as tailor-made, all-in-one solutions, we develop the best possible enhancements to sleep systems.

A comprehensive range of foam qualities

Individually configurable

Sustainable & 100 % pollutant-free