As an innovative foam manufacturer, we have a wide range of foam types and technologies at our disposal. These range from welding and assembly to mold bonding, die cutting and thermoforming. Our strengths lie in the rapid implementation of application-oriented ideas that deliver major practical benefits. On the basis of our many years of experience in integrated product development, we offer reliable and durable products of the highest quality.

Product overview

crom fixed & self-supporting shelves

Fixed or self-supporting  crom parcel shelves are manufactured from PP/glass and decorative nonwovens. For special acoustic requirements, we offer shelves made using the patented laminated panel process (sandwich of composite foam and PP/glass layers) and for flooring with special load and temperature resistance requirements (e.g. for hatchback sedans), we employ  polyurethane spray technology for the provision of ideal solutions.

crom luggage compartment covers

crom Luggage compartment covers provide visual protection and also have the advantage of being able to absorb loads. This makes them an excellent alternative to roller blinds and apart from these additional benefits and high functionality, they also offer a cost advantage. NEVEON develops and manufactures high-quality systems from PUR sandwich structures that can be folded several times and fitted with a variety of additional functions. Moreover, we have a constant focus  on customer advantages.

crom flooring

Our crom flooring for SUVs, station wagons and premium sedans represent tailor-made solutions that pay special attention to acoustic effectiveness (layered panel process - sandwich of composite foam and PP/glass layers). The advantages of our products are clear, as they meet temperature and load requirements and offer weight reductions and design freedom for innovative, luggage compartment management solutions.