Foam comfort in the visible area

In vehicle interiors, our foams are installed as roll goods in headliners, side trim panels and headrests, and interior absorbers. Moreover, we also offer ready-made foam solutions such as toppers or laminates for the seating. In addition to visual requirements, weight reduction in combination with defined stiffness is the main driving force behind the further development of our materials and solutions. Geometrical optimization based on many years of experience, innovative methods of component simulation and the continual improvement of edge and cut geometries are represent the  paramount aspects of our trim parts in the visible area. We are also working on foam innovations for semi-finished products in order to ensure compliance with increasingly stringent emission standards, as well as aging resistance for the production of flawless product surfaces.

Product overview

crom headliners

Maximum rigidity in combination with minimum weight. Our thermoformable special foams are ultra-light and provide maximum headliner rigidity. At the same time, our crom headliner foams have a very regular and fine cell structure and impress with their outstanding visual and tactile properties, as well as very low emissions.

crom seat covers

Our wide range of flame-laminatable foams are processed into seat covers and as such increase comfort in the seating area. In the premium seating segment, our toppers, which are made of air-permeable foam components, ensure optimum ventilation and maximum comfort.

crom interior absorber systems

Our crom interior absorber systems are produced using up to 95% recycled foam and comply with the strictest emission regulations in the automotive industry.