Acoustic and thermal insulation in the engine compartment

In close cooperation with our customers, we are continuously developing our product portfolio. We are study mobility trends closely and have a constant focus on the issue of sustainability. Our international presence guarantees short distances and first class service.

Product overview

crom acoustic encapsulation

Our crom acoustic encapsulation reduces noise wherever it occurs while also saving fuel through improved thermal management. Our near-engine solution for the acoustic encapsulation of combustion  engines and electric motors, as well as transmissions, is based on a thermoformed sandwich of insulation and absorbent materials. With the environment in mind, at least 30% of the product derives from renewable raw material sources.

crom lightweight foam absorber

Thanks to highly efficient PU foam, our crom lightweight foam absorbers absorb airborne sound in engine compartments and transmission tunnels. The complexity of the absorbers derives from the  functional interaction between the lightweight construction, strength and acoustics. Stamped parts are used for sealing aggregates and as fillers for cavity linings in framework parts.

crom insulation components

Our crom insulation components for the engine compartment can be manufactured with various densities and differing foam systems. Depending upon the respective customer specifications, we also combine our insulation components with structural support materials or heat shields.